Caritas - Charity Work

To support our school value of Caritas children across the school regularly get involved in planning, selecting and supporting charities. Children support local, national and global charities in various ways. Pupil voice is used via the School Council to select causes that the children wish to support. These are used as learning tools to help children understand social, cultural and moral issues. 

What does 'Caritas' mean? Caritas is a Latin word which means, 'Christian love of humankind: Charity'.
Charities we support include:
Here is a report on the fundraising project for Australia Zoo by the School Council:
In our last meeting, we talked about the bush fires in Australia and how sad we were that lots of animals were losing their homes and being killed. We decided that we wanted to help. We researched lots of the charities who are helping in Australia, and decided that Australia Zoo was the best one for us, as they were doing lots to help the animals and wildlife. We decided to hold a cake sale to raise money. We asked for families to bake or donate cakes and then set up a pop up coffee shop in the school hall. We had a donation jar instead of set prices so that people could pay whatever they could afford. Children were able to use the coffee shop at lunchtime and we then opened up for our community before and after pick up time. In the end, we raised over £190 for Australia Zoo.