Home Learning

Children in the reception class initially take home games to develop a sight vocabulary for reading.  They are also encouraged to look for small items for a sound table.  All children in years 1 to 6 will take home a list of spellings to be learnt for a test each week.  They will include “high frequency” and phonetically spelt words which are part of the Literacy aspect of the Primary Strategy. 

Children are expected to read regularly at home, reading core scheme books sent home by the school, but children should also be encouraged to share/read a wide variety of books both fiction and non-fiction. Children also receive homework activities related to the Numeracy aspect of the Primary Strategy, following up work done in class sessions.  These activities include playing mathematical games which parents and children can share and also worksheets.  As the children progress through the school, additional homework will be set, eg research, literacy and topic based work.