At Radnage, we seek to use our teaching of RE to create 'theologists' so that our children:
  • show an outstanding level of religious understanding and knowledge
  • ask significant and highly reflective questions, giving personal reflections on meaning and purpose
  • have a strong understanding of how the beliefs, values, practices and ways of life within any religion cohere together
  • break down any preconceptions about a wide variety of faiths and the people who follow them
  • develop high aspirations for themselves and the impact they can have on the world
If you are wondering how RE will help you when you are older, these lessons will give you the skills of:

understanding and respecting others, communication, problem solving and analysis, patience, attention to detail and asking questions.

If you are good at RE and you enjoy studying it, you would be great at:

  • working with people - youth and communities
  • religious leader
  • hospitality
  • travel and tourism - air cabin crew
  • aid worker
  • customer service
  • journalist
  • police
  • nursing
  • childcare
  • teaching
We follow the Buckinghamshire agreed syllabus for RE, delivered through using our own plans and resources.