Vision and Values

A nurturing Christian environment that empowers a confidence and aspiration in our school community to grow, enabling individuals to shine.
Our vision and values are rooted in Biblical teaching and our strap line of 'Nurture. Grow. Shine' draws inspiration from the parable of the mustard seed, which is found in the gospel of Mark 4: 30-32 in the New Testament.
When asked to describe the kingdom of heaven, Jesus compared it to a mustard seed which starts off as the smallest of all seeds, yet when it is planted and nurtured, it becomes a great tree on the branches of which birds perch and find shelter and support.
Our school is the ground onto which our children, the seeds, are sown. We provide the nurturing environment which help them grow from their beginnings, no matter how small, and become mighty trees, shining brightly in the world and nurturing others, just as the tree supports and shelters the birds.