Worship Leaders

The Worship Team at Radnage CE Primary School fill 3 key roles:

  1. Planning and preparing school worship
  2. Delivering key elements of school worship
  3. Reviewing and evaluating worship, including surveying pupil opinion
As members of the Worship Team, we wear a cross badge to show people we are Worship Leaders. The badges are a cross shape to show our faith. Our job is to lead worship everyday, first we welcome everyone to worship and they respond.

This term our welcome is:

We are here to serve God 

Everyone responds:

Come Holy Spirit

At the end of worship we all get up and say our own prayers.        

We also help the grown ups plan worship by telling them what we would like to learn about and how we would like to learn it.

Sometimes, we ask other pupils what they think about worship to find out if there are any ways that we can improve. 

If you would like to know more about being a Worship Leader, come and ask us.

Radnage's Worship Team