Year 3 & 4 - 'Kestrels & Red Kites'


A warm welcome to your children who have now joined either Kestrels in Year 3 or Red Kites in Year 4. We are looking forward to the forthcoming year and to working in partnership with you to enable your children to flourish into successful and confident learners who feel proud of their achievements.

Your children are now entering Key Stage 2 (KS2) which covers Y3-Y6. KS2 is divided into Lower KS2 (Y3 and Y4) and Upper KS2 (Y5 and Y6.)  

The Staff

The key adults in the Red Kites and Kestrels are:

Mrs Farnworth– Teacher on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 

Mrs Curran – Teacher on Fri

Mrs Murray Green – Teaching Assistant   

Mrs Stevens – Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

The Curriculum

Our aim in Year 3 and 4 is to make the curriculum fun, practical and relevant for every child. We follow the 2014 National Curriculum and have adopted a 2 year rolling programme to cater for our mixed year group class.

Topics for this year are:

Autumn 1 -  Savage Stone Age                       Autumn 2 – Our Natural World

Spring 1 -     Rotten Romans                          Spring 2 -  Around The World

Summer 1 – WWII                                          Summer 2 – Fabulous Food

A more detailed Half Termly Planner will be posted on this page at the beginning of each half term.

 Structure of the day

Our mornings are focused on learning English and Maths and the afternoons are used for the rest of the curriculum subjects which are usually based on our half termly topic.

PE in on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Your child will need to bring a pair of trainers and a tracksuit to keep them warm for outside PE.

Swimming will take place in the Summer term for all Y3 and Y4 children.

Presentation, Handwriting and Effort

We have very high expectations of all the children in the class and expect them to work to the best of their ability, producing work which they feel proud of. If sub standard work is produced (below the level expected for the particular child) then they will be asked to re-write it at playtime/home.  All children will be expected to use joined up writing across the curriculum and during homework. Please support us by insisting on high standards of presentation and the use of joined up writing when your child is completing their homework.



Maths tasks are set online via MyMaths each Monday and due in the following Monday. This consolidates work covered in class.


A weekly reading comprehension task is also set on Mondays and is due in the following Monday. Work will be related to class topics.


We follow the Big Cat Collins scheme in Y3 and Y4 for individual reading books. The children progress at a slower pace through the bands in KS2 as the focus changes to developing their comprehension rather than racing onto the next band. The children need their reading records in school every day for our silent reading sessions where children are encouraged to read independently and change their own books if needed. We promote reading for pleasure and alongside their reading book we invite the children to select from a wide range of texts in the library, including: plays, poetry, First News newspapers and non-fiction.

At home, please continue to listen to your child read aloud each week so you can support them with pronunciation/understanding of new vocabulary and please praise them if they ask the meaning of unfamiliar words. Y4 children are encouraged to start to use a dictionary to locate meanings.

There is a space in the reading records for parents to sign each week to show you have heard your child read. Reading records are not written in by members of staff every week as we keep our own records but are monitored regularly to ensure children are keeping a track of their own reading journey.


SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) replaces the daily Phonics session in KS1 and Early Years and is taught each week during English lessons in KS2. Children will be set spellings on a Monday for a test the following Monday. The spellings will be from the Y3 and 4 list of high frequency words.


Occasional project/topic research task will be given. The emphasis is on independent research, e.g. for a class topic on Fabulous Food the children will create a food project on a food which grows around the world.

Communication with Teachers

We are keen to work together to support your children reach their full potential and also look after their wellbeing. If there are any concerns or issues you would like to discuss, please phone/email the office and we will aim to respond to your query on the same day. 

Thank you for your support,

 Mrs Farnworth and  Mrs Curran