Year 5 & 6 - 'Falcons & Eagles'


The Team

Falcons Class is taught by Mrs. France on Mondays through to Thursdays and by Mrs. Taylor on Fridays.

Mrs. Wells teaches Music on Wednesday afternoons and Mme Alani teaches French on Fridays mornings.

Mrs. Cooper works with us on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.



Every term we have an exciting theme that is taught creatively across the whole curriculum.

Autumn ~ Earth Matters (including studying ‘Earth and Space in Science’, writing biographies on Copernicus, Galileo and Newton in Literacy,exploring  ‘The Natural World’ in R.E. and being palaeontologists in History)

Spring ~ Man Made (including looking at ‘Explanations’ in Literacy linked  to our Science topic of Materials, 'Places of Worship' and artefacts in R.E. Ancient Greeks in History and the Local Area in Geography)

Summer ~ Circle of Life (including Classic Fiction and the 'Just So' stories in Literacy, 'Rites of Passage' in R.E. and settlement and land use in History and Geography)