Year 5 & 6 - 'Falcons & Eagles'

Class Timetable
Curriculum Overview
Each term the children are given a project to work on at home.  For the Spring term the children have been tasked to design their own church for the twenty-first century.

The work will be due in Monday 26th March and should reflect 5 weeks worth of homework.  More information can be found below.

Autumn 2 - Earth and Space
As part of our Earth and Space topic we looked at the distance between the Sun, Moon and Earth.  Using a little bit of Maths the children were tasked to create an accurate scale which we could use to replicate the distances in the playground.  Once this was deciced the class decamped to the playground and whilst battling the elements, used metre sticks to carefully set about measuring where abouts the Sun, Moon and Earth should sit in relation to each other.
Three volunteers each held either a marble or fitness ball to represent the Sun, Moon or Earth whilst the rest of the class joined hands and tried to stretch the entire distance.  Even with the help of Mrs Helliwell and Mrs Phipps we couldn't quite manage to reach the Sun.
Some of the interesting facts we learnt:
  • The Earth is four times the size of the moon
  • The Sun is 109 times the size of the earth
  • The distance between the Earth and Sun is 152 million km
  • The distance between the Moon and Earth is 146,692,378 km
Autumn 1 - Biographies and Autobiographies
During this half term the children looked at works by Copernicus, Galileo, Mary Anning and Darwin.  This connects nicely to our work on Dinosaurs in Science and the natural world in RE.
One of the given tasks was for each pupil to create their autobiography choosing a theme which should be woven through their work from introduction through to conclusion.
Autumn 1 - Portraits
To complement our Literacy learning on Biographies, the class created portraits of Martin Luther King using oil pastels.  We focused on blocks of colour using the work of Artist Derek Russell as inspiration.  The children were encouraged to align facial features, analysis the shapes and blend the oils using their fingers.
Autumn 2 - Goldsworthy (Nature)
We had a lovely art lesson outside where the children arranged conkers, leaves, berries and other natural items focusing on the patterns and colours.  They then worked out how close they would like the photo of their work to be taken and from what angle.
The Festival Of Trees
Radnage School was once again asked whether we would like to submit an entry to the Festival of Trees at St Paul's Church which not only did Eagles and Falcons accept, but also Red Kites and Kestrels.
The theme this year was 'Music' and our class decided to create a 'Twelves Days of Christmas' tree.  The children covered our classroom (and no doubt themselves) in glitter and feathers whilst working on the Turtle Doves, Lords A Leaping  and all the others who feature in this festive classic.
Thank you to all the parents and friends who went and voted.  We were so proud to be awarded first place!  Congratulations to the Red Kites and Kestrels class who came second.  As a reward the children of both classes received a large box of chocolates to share.
Christmas Lunch
We would like to thank the PTA and especially Mrs Freeth for a marvellous Christmas lunch which was generously provided for all the children and staff at the school.
It was delicious and such a lovely way to end the Autumn term. 
Invaders and Settlers:  Anglo-Saxons
During this topic we explored why invaders came to this country, what settlements and life looked like and how they influenced culture.
As part of this exploration we looked at the discoveries made at Sutton Hoo, particularly the longboat and the treasures found within it.   The treasures included a helmet, sceptre, sword, hanging bowl, silver bowls and spoons, a shoulder clasp, belt buckle and a purse with coins.
The children then took metre sticks out to the playground and measured out the length of the longboat which was 89 feet.  Whilst holding hands, they managed to stretch out the entire length.

Autumn 1 - Evolution and Inheritance of the Earth
Visit to the Natural History Museum
We finally managed to make our school trip to the Natural History Museum in Oxford after an aborted attempt in December due to the snow.
Our Science topic for Autumn 1 was the evolution and inheritance of the Earth which involved Dinosaurs and Fossils along with key people such as Mary Anning and Charles Darwin.  We also covered the Bucklands, a display of which was at the Museum.  
The topic homework previously set involved the children being given a period of time during the prehistoric period to research and then present to the class.  At the museum there was a display showing all these periods in cronological order which the children found fascinating. 
Thank you to Mrs Freeth for accompanying us.