The School Day

From 8.40 am the gates beside the hall will be unlocked for all children to access the playground. Please note that we do not have the staff capacity to supervise your children until 8.40 am.


From 8.40 am all children may be left when the teacher is on the playground.


The Head Teacher or a member of staff will endeavour to stand by the front gate to welcome all the children from 8.40 am each morning.


A whistle will be blown by the Teacher on duty on the playground at 8.50 am at which time all children stand still. A second whistle will then be blown for all children to line up.


At 8.50 am a member of staff will lead the children into school.


School officially starts at 9.00 am and children arriving after this time will be recorded as late. At 9.00 am the gate beside the hall will be locked, after which all late comers are to report to the main entrance. 


Lunchtime is between 12.00 noon and 1.15 pm. All children lunch together in the school hall and then make their way outside to the playground once the duty members of staff have asked them to do so.


School finishes at 3.20 pm. Children should be collected from the playground. The gate is opened at 3.10 pm. 



As with all schools in the country parking is an issue. We have parking guidelines that ensure people park considerately and legally.