Play Leaders

Play Leaders

Once children reach Year 6, they have the opportunity to become a Play Leader.

Play Leaders run lunch time games and activities in the playground for Reception to Year 5 children. 

The initiative is designed to:

  •          Involve children in group games
  •          To ensure playtimes are fun and enjoyable
  •          Develop skills in responsibility and leadership

Each Play Leader is then allocated two lunchtimes per week in which they are responsible for running physical activities of their choice.

Play Leaders meet once a week with the Head Teacher, bringing along their log book in which they record the names of children who regularly take part in their activities, along with any concerns or issues that may need to be discussed.   

Each year, the current Play Leaders are involved in a transition period in which they pass on their skills to train Year 5 children who have applied and will take on the role in the following year.