School Council Page

This is the Radnage Church of England VA Primary School's School Council pages. 
Radnage School Council
The children in School Council are elected by their classes to serve on the Council. This is part of our learning about democracy and British values. 
School Council is led by Aaron, who is the Head of School Council. Aaron is supported by the Head Boy, Dylan, and Head Girl, Bea. There are two children from each class serving on the School Council.
Our focus this year has been - Stewardship
Here is a report from Aaron, Head of School Council
Since our first meeting, we have decided that recycling and keeping the environment and our school clean is our objective for this term. We talked about how God created us to be good stewards and to look after the world and respect each other. We can do this just by keeping our school clean.
The Year 5 and 6s decided to do a litter pick to initiate this goal. We filled one bag full of rubbish in just 20 minutes.
Every time you are outside, if you see rubbish make sure you pick it up and put it in the bin (the recycling bin if you can).
The School Council has ideas to encourage you to recycle and help keep our school clean including assemblies, new posters around the school and activities for you and your classroom.
Each week, the School Council will check the playground and field for rubbish and help clear it up. They will also make sure that any paper that is thrown away goes in the recycling bin.
Be a good steward
Always Recycle
The bin is a win