Year 5 & 6 - 'Falcons & Eagles'

Welcome to Falcons and Eagles!
Welcome to Radnage C of E Primary School's Year 5/6 class. 
Our class teacher is Miss Clark. We are taught P.S.H.E. by Mr Browne every Wednesday. As well on Wednesdays, we have our second P.E. class of the week with Mr. Roberts! 
We are beginning our learning in English exploring the features of fiction and non-fiction genres. In just two short weeks, we have researched a number of genres, presenting our findings both in a poster and in a non-chronological report. In the coming weeks, we will apply our learning to plan and compose a story in the genre of our choosing! 
The Falcons and Eagles stories will be published in our own school library in a class book made by the children. 
Science- Light
Having completed our unit on electricity, we are now focused on our second unit... Light! We will working towards answering the question, “What is the importance of light?”. We will begin our unit by reviewing light sources and then begin to explore how we see light. We will take a glimpse at the human eye and work towards defining key words such as reflection, refraction, transparent, translucent and opaque. For the next six weeks, we will learn all that we can about light and how it travels then apply our knowledge to answer our ‘Big Question’. 
Reptile Encounter! 

The Falcons & Eagles were lucky enough to have a visit from Graham and his reptiles earlier this month. We held bearded dragons, tortoises, skinks and snakes!
Ancient Greek Day
Pupils from Year 5/6 stepped back in time to Ancient Greece for a special day of learning. Children (and staff) dressed up in incredible costumes (including Zeus & Medusa) and looked fantastic - well done parents! 

Our day started with some artistic translations of our names into Ancient Greek, followed by pottery crafting and decorating mini salt dough Spartan spears and shields. We then covered the classroom in flour & eggs while making Melomakarona (Greek honey spiced) cookies. The activities continued into the afternoon, including: catapult building, Greek architecture art and the class favourite... “I’m NOT a Greek... Get Me Out Of Here!” food trial. 
Place Value 
This term we are broadening our understanding of numbers and place value. We are learning to read and write numbers up to the millions, as well as exploring value and rounding. Every Wednesday, we work towards mastering our learning objectives in math centres. Place value is the foundation of our of learning this year. 

Addition & Subtraction
As we completed our place value unit, we continued our learning in maths adding and subtracting 5-digit Numbers. We practiced the formal written method as well as strategies for mental maths. 

When we return after half term, we will be working on multiplication and division! 
In French, we are starting this school year learning school subjects, school supplies and time. We love playing games and singing songs in French. 
This term we are taking a look at the different elements of art, beginning first with colour! We will be creating a colour wheel, exploring colour schemes and colour mixing, then presenting our work in a collection of art pieces. 

Our artwork will be displayed in our classroom and as a virtual museum tour on our class page towards the end of our unit! 
"Every child is an artist." - Picasso
This summer, we intend to travel to the Isle of Wight to stay in ‘Little Canada’. We will be participating in team building activities and endless water sports and games. Throughout the year, we are going to work towards earning money towards our trip, coming up with as many fundraisers as we can! We are in charge of counting and managing our money with each fundraiser. 

So far this year, we have raised around £700 starting with Louis’ Sunflower fundraiser in the summer holidays. Next up was our Jellybean Fundraiser and our toffee apple sales. This month brought our two biggest fundraisers, the Reindeer Raffle and Christmas crafternoon! 

Only four months into the school year and we are so close to meeting our goal. The Falcons & Eagles can’t thank everyone enough for joining in our fundraisers. 
Here are some useful revision resources if you would like to do any practice for the SATS.
Maths Revision Booklets:
English Revision Booklets: