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Nurture, Grow, Shine
Radnage C of E Primary School

Admissions Consultation

Catchment Consultation


Following the closure of Mary Towerton School with effect from 31st August 2023, the Local Authority is consulting on a joint proposal to increase the catchment area of neighbouring schools to cover the catchment area of the former Mary Towerton School from September 2025.  While this is a joint proposal, as Radnage CE School is responsible for determining its own admissions, Governors are seeking comments specifically in response to the proposal to extend the catchment area of Radnage CE School to include the areas highlighted in green and orange on the map below:


The proposed catchment map can be seen below


The catchment area proposal is based on nearest school to reflect home to school transport entitlement - except for the area highlighted in orange which would be a shared catchment between Radnage CE School and Cadmore End CE School as both schools have historically taken children from this area (although noting that children living in this area are only entitled to transport to the nearest school which in this case is Radnage CE School). 


Cadmore End CE School and West Wycombe School are also responsible for their own admission arrangements and will be conducting (and determining) their own separate consultation in respect of changes to their catchment areas while the Local Authority will be consulting on behalf of Stokenchurch Primary School (as it is the admissions authority for the school).


If you wish to comment on the catchment proposal in relation to Radnage CE School please send by Friday 26th January 2024.  The Governing Body will determine its admissions policy for September 2025 by 28 February 2024 and publish it on the school website.