Nurture, Grow, Shine
Nurture, Grow, Shine
Radnage C of E Primary School


With the Olympic Legacy, the school uses the additional funding for buying in expert coaches to work alongside staff members. Within the physical education curriculum, children have the opportunity to develop the skills needed for traditional team sports such as football, rounders, unihoc, and netball. After experiencing these opportunities for repeating movements the children participate in simple games situations, developing the ability to cope with success and failure in competitive and co-operative activities.
The children have both indoor and outdoor lessons incorporating movement and apparatus work. The School has outstanding facilities for these activities, providing a beautiful playing field and large surfaced playground adjoining it. A hall provides excellent facilities for indoor physical educational activities, including Gymnastics and Dance.
Extracurricular sports activities are run by school staff and external agencies and paid for by parental contributions or the sports funding grant. Additional field space for competitive games will be provided for upper Key Stage 2 children. In a normal year, Y3 and Y4 receive swimming lessons each week in the Summer term at Wycombe Leisure Centre.